Revolutionizing Web 3.0 with Our Trademarked Gaming Development Company, Snapcats LLC

Trust. Loyalty. Fun. These are the values at the heart of the Snapcats community and ecosystem, powered by the Snapcat token. Dive into a world where your gaming, community and NFT transactions and interactions are streamlined through the dedicated Snapcat token.

Join us as we reshape community-led gaming.

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 Utility Web3 Token

Snapcat is creating a one-of-a-kind way to experience NFTs.


Snapcat operates on the Solana blockchain, leveraging its high-speed and low-cost transactions to enhance gaming and NFT experiences, making it an ideal platform for our community-driven ecosystem.


Snapcat’s system architecture supports a dynamic and scalable gaming experience, allowing for the integration of various in-game assets and functionalities across multiple layers of our digital ecosystem.

Virtual Machine

Utilizing the power of Unity Muse, Snapcat facilitates a robust environment for developing and running complex game logic and NFT interactions, promoting an immersive user experience.


Snapcat champions decentralization by giving the community the power to influence key decisions through governance tokens, ensuring the platform evolves in line with users’ interests.

Utility Token

Snapcat is not just a cryptocurrency but a utility token designed for in-game transactions and trading digital assets, enhancing player engagement and loyalty within the gaming universe.


Built on the Solana blockchain, Snapcat ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in transactions, making it a trustworthy and dependable platform for gamers and developers alike.

Born from a rug seeking retribution. Rescuing other communities that have been rugged! Lets fight together!! I want you!!

Snapcat is a community meme utility token for in-game uses with SnapCats LLC Games and NFTs.

Snapcat is our community-driven meme utility token, integral to the gaming and NFT ecosystem of SnapCats LLC. It’s not just a currency; it’s a pivotal part of our gaming community, trademarked to ensure uniqueness. Profits from our game development and trademark sales are reinvested into Snapcat, enhancing its value and utility for all users. Join us in shaping the future of gaming!

Our Future Plan

Snapacts is creating a one-of-a-kind way to experience NFTs, Play to earn Gaming, Trademark with LLC formed.

Digital World Utility

The Catalyst for a Unified Web3 Ecosystem


Seamlessly integrate your gaming and NFT experiences with Snapcat, your portal to innovation.


Developed with a community-first approach to revolutionize digital interactions.


Continuously enhancing user engagement through transparent and dynamic governance.


At the core of our blockchain, Snapcat ensures stability and growth across all platforms.

SnapCats Team

Snapcats LLC is assembling a dynamic team of innovators passionate about revolutionizing the gaming and NFT landscape. Our experts in blockchain, gaming, and digital art are committed to creating unique, immersive experiences that redefine player engagement and community interaction. Join us and be part of shaping the future of gaming with Snapcat.

James Evans

Community Dev / Game Dev

20 years in software programming, game and business development


web3 Apps / Game Dev / Cyber

28 years in software development, cybersecurity, and project mangement


Crypto CPA / Anime Artist

Crypto CPA, Anime Artist , Crypto Investor


Tech Support Dev

Tech whiz with 10 years of support experience and a crypto enthusiast.


Social Media / Marketing

Marketing team


Marketing / Game Tester Dev

Marketing Team


Marketing Dev / Game Tester

Marketing Team 

Yolla Wietanto

Game Experience Specialist

Conduct user research and analyze feedback to enhance the gaming and NFT experience. Collaborate with designers and developers to improve user experience.

Common Questions?

Snapcat is pioneering a unique approach to gaming and NFT interaction, enhancing every digital experience.

What's the main use case for Snapcat Token?

Snapcat Token is designed to enhance the gaming experience by integrating into our unique NFT ecosystem. It enables seamless transactions within games, facilitates trading and staking of digital assets, and empowers community engagement through exclusive rewards and governance features. Snapcat is your gateway to a richer and more immersive gaming world.

How can I earn rewards?

You can earn rewards with Snapcat Token by engaging actively in our gaming platform and participating in community events. Playing games, completing challenges, and trading NFTs within our ecosystem are great ways to accumulate Snapcat Tokens. Additionally, by participating in governance and voting on key decisions, you contribute to the community and earn further rewards. Join us to enhance your gaming experience and benefit from the growing utility of Snapcat Token!

Is Snapcat token available on multiple blockchains?

Currently, Snapcat Token operates exclusively on the Solana blockchain, chosen for its high-speed and low-cost transactions ideal for gaming and NFT exchanges. However, we are actively exploring opportunities to expand our presence across multiple blockchains in the future to enhance accessibility and interoperability for our users. Stay tuned for updates on our cross-chain integration plans!

What benefits do I get by holding Snapcat Tokens?

Holding Snapcat Tokens offers a range of benefits within our gaming ecosystem. As a token holder, you not only gain access to exclusive game features, early beta tests, and special in-game events, but also the opportunity to participate in governance decisions that shape the future of our platform. Importantly, profits from our game development and trademark sales are used to directly purchase Snapcat Tokens from the market, which supports and potentially increases the token’s value over time. Additionally, engaging in staking mechanisms provides a way to earn more tokens, enhancing both your gaming experience and investment.

Does each team have a community multi-sig wallet?

Yes, each team within our ecosystem is equipped with a community multi-sig wallet. This wallet is essential for ensuring transparency and collective decision-making, allowing multiple signatures from designated team members for transactions. This system is used primarily to manage and allocate funds responsibly for development, marketing, and other community-driven activities, fostering trust and cooperation across the platform.

How does the trademark and LLC formation benefit the Snapcat community?

The formation of Snapcats LLC and the trademarking of Snapcats Token provide a structured and legally recognized framework that enhances trust and security for our community members. By establishing an LLC, we ensure that the governance and operation of Snapcat Token adhere to legal standards, which helps in protecting the interests of token holders and contributors. Additionally, the trademark protects our brand and intellectual property, preventing unauthorized use and allowing us to reinvest back into the token and community through controlled use of the brand and its associated assets. This combination supports the growth and sustainability of our gaming and NFT ecosystem, directly benefiting all members by fostering a stable and secure environment for transactions and investments.

Snapcat Token is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, offering an innovative platform where gaming and digital collectibles merge seamlessly. Our token facilitates a vibrant ecosystem driven by player engagement and community growth, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding experience. Embrace the future of blockchain with Snapcat, where every transaction propels us forward.

Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming and NFTs

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